14 Day NighTime Teatox

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14 Day Nighttime Teatox is a great-tasting tea, that is a uniquely formulated herbal blend designed to naturally cleanse the body* with calming effect. It is caffeine free, so it is perfect to take in the evening. Nighttime Teatox has 9 powerful ingredient, these 9 natural ingredients, will unleash the true tea taste, aroma and detoxing affects.


14 Day NighTime Teatox contains  a proprietary blend of 9 Super Ingredients:

Ginger Root    Peppermint
Image result for pomegranatePomegranate Dandelion
Senna Leaves Psyllium
Image result for PapayaPapaya           Image result for ChamomileChamomile

Image result for steviaStevia

Product Description


Recommended Use: Every other day use for 14 days

Brewing Tips Start with cold water and bring water to just under a boil (185° – 195°). Add tea leaves, one heaping teaspoon per cup of water. For iced tea, add one level tablespoon. Pour hot water over leaves and steep 2-5 minutes. Remove or strain tea and enjoy!

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