Nookie Cookie™: Feminine bar w/ organic apple cider vinegar, organic Greek yogurt w/ active cultures. pH balanced, gentle. 100% Natural


KjNaturals Nookie Cookie™

100% Natural & gentle cleanser. With probiotics & pH balance to keep your lady parts fresh, happy & sweet!

-NO artificial colorants (naturally colored with Moroccan rhassoul clay- one of nature’s best gentle cleansers and skin detoxifiers)

-NO fragrance

-NO irritating detergents or chemicals

For external use only.

Feminine odor and itch are not only caused by the presence of bad bacteria. They are also worsened by a lack of good bacteria. This bar is formulated with organic greek yogurt which contains 6 strains of live active bacterial cultures to promote a sweet-smelling “nookie”.

Moroccan rhassoul clay (its Arabic name literally means “washing”), enhances this bar’s cleansing properties without irritating sensitive skin. Rhassoul has been valued for centuries for it’s unique mineral content that naturally detoxes and cleanses skin, face & hair.

Organic apple cider vinegar is added to balance the pH of this bar to make it more suitable for use as a feminine wash (for external use only).

Contains: Distilled water, olive oil, palm oil, organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic greek yogurt, Moroccan rhassoul clay, organic apple cider vinegar.

Weight: Approx. 2oz


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